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Eden Try Estate Winery is a private winery.
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White/Rose Wines

Eve’s Delight – “tempting”

Rosé Blend (2013)

Eve’s Delight is Eden Try’s crowd pleaser. The first in the wedding series, it is a sweet rosé style blend made with Chardonnay, Riesling, Vidal Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chambourcin. The Chambourcin gives the wine its rosy hue. The wine is made in the German style, which means it is fermented as cold as possible to enhance the fruit flavors and natural sweetness.   You may notice mixed fruit and honey on the palate. Perfect on a hot day as it can be served very chilled and still retain its natural sweetness. Also recommended with spicy foods or just when you’d like something refreshing. Fermented and aged in stainless.

 Serpentine Blanc -”try if you dare!”

Vidal Blanc (2012)

Eden Try’s Vidal Blanc is the second in the wedding series and is finished in a fruity but Medium Dry style for maximum versatility in pairing with foods that compliment a white wine such as chicken, fish, light cheese and appetizers. 100 percent Vidal Blanc fermented and aged in stainless.


Viognier, Chardonnay, Petit Manseng

Eden Try’s Paradise is the first in the “Estate” series and the name says it all. Paradise is a heavenly blend of 50% Viognier, 30% Chardonnay, and 17% Petit Manseng. This light and refreshing wine gains from each of its components. The Viognier contributes an aroma of citrus fruits, the Petit Manseng adds to the body of the wine and Chardonnay contributes tones of apple and gives the wine its structure. What’s great about this wine is the surprise finish. Be prepared to be delighted!



Red Wines

“Fig Leaf” Red


The first red in Eden Try’s wedding series and grown to please beginner and seasoned wine lovers alike. Forbidden is a Dry but light to medium bodied wine that’s “all about the fruit” with fresh black cherry, raspberry and blueberry aromas (no figs!). The wine finishes soft but with hints of clove and smoke. Because of its softness and fruit forwardness, it is often served with chocolate. This same softness also makes it very versatile for serving with a variety of dishes or when you really would like a red but you’ve been told to drink white or you’re serving a “tween” dish such as ham, turkey, or pork.   Its lighter body and fruitiness also make it a perfect “picnic red” for warmer weather. Fermented in stainless and aged 12 months in neutral oak.


Merlot/Chambourcin (2012)

Eden Try’s Temptation! is warm and soft and very (ahem) “approachable”, thus the name. The first red in the Estate series, the fruit is more in the red spectrum with hints of red cherry and very soft tannins. As no food is required to “balance” it, Temptation also makes a perfect “sipping” wine.   Our tasting team’s nearly unanimous response was OMG; we’ll just call it “otherworldly”. Aged 10 months in neutral oak.

Adam’s Rib -“because he loved”

Cabernet Sauvignon

Eden Try’s Cabernet Sauvignon is an elegant red wine made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. This wine is unfiltered which makes the wine heavier but with more flavors and ages very well. Fermented in stainless and aged 12 months in neutral oak.


Merlot/Malbec/Tannat (2012)

Eden Try’s “Forbidden” is also finished in a Dry style with richer fruits such as plum and blackberry with some cherry notes. The fruitiness of the Malbec wins over the tannins making it more drinkable yet still robust. Recommended for serving with traditional “red wine” dishes and zestier appetizers. Your bold red wine ‘friends and lovers’ will appreciate this. Aged 9 months in neutral French oak.


The Eden Try Story

Eden Try is “a Try at the Garden of Eden”. The Estate was so named and lovingly created with a vision of recreating the Garden of Eden in Virginia. True to its name and its proud heritage, the Estate is abundant with natural beauty with a focus on flowering and ancient specimen trees as well as meandering walking paths, formal gardens, and multiple trickling fountains for the birds and other wildlife. The Estate has now added viticulture to its fertile soils and carried on the Garden of Eden tradition with wines “baring” its theme. To name a few: Serpentine Blanc (try it if you dare!), Eve’s Delight (tempting!), and Adam’s Rib (because he loved), and “Fig Leaf” Red and Forbidden! The owners of Eden Try Estate personally invite you to join them in enjoying the Estate’s fruit of the earth and “otherworldly” natural beauty.